The America Project Announces #DecertifyFraud Campaign

Article on Cision: PR Newswire, by The America Project, on June 21, 2022

The 501c4 non-profit started by Patrick Byrne, the founder of, with General Flynn and his brother Joe Flynn, has been working for months on exposing voter fraud and highlighting ongoing problems with election integrity in the United States. Now, as ballots from 2020 are about to be destroyed, TAP is hoping to convince elections officials and lawmakers to preserve ballots in 5 key states. 

SARASOTA, Fla.June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With the ballots from the 2020 election about to be destroyed on September 4, 2022, The America Project is launching a grassroots campaign to convince elections officials and lawmakers to preserve those ballots for further review. 

After nearly two years, the lack of integrity in the 2020 election continues to be exposed on an almost daily basis, most recently with the documentary 2000 Mules by filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza that presented video evidence of how "ballot brokers" and "mules" committed widespread election fraud during the 2020 elections. 


The #DecertifyFraud campaign allows Americans to send a physical postcard to Republican Representatives in WisconsinGeorgiaPennsylvaniaArizona and Michigan demanding that the ballots be sequestered and preserved for further inspection and criminal investigations that are currently underway. 

The effort is in partnership with Faith2Direct Action and Janet Porter, the architect of the pro-life Heartbeat Bill, now passed in 14 states. Porter's efforts have delivered 1.9 million postcards, 400,000 faxes and 910,000 emails to elected officials showing overwhelming support for the Federal Heartbeat Bill and to successfully stop HR 5.

"We are committed to election integrity and snuffing out voter fraud. Unfortunately, in a little over two months, ballots in these five key states will be destroyed and we might never know the extent of the fraud that occurred in 2020. It is our hope that by sending physical postcards to elected officials that we can stop this from happening. The process to participate in this effort is simple and available to all Americans who wants to expose voter fraud, secure our elections, and hold those involved in the criminal behavior of the 2020 election accountable," said Joe Flynn, CEO of The America Project.

To participate in the #DecertifyFraud campaign and send a postcard you can go to For more information and to schedule an interview please contact Kristin Davis by emailing Phone 212-920-9918.

SOURCE The America Project



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