KABOOM! Arizona needs to be Decertified Now! Jovan Hutton Pulitzer presentation is Earth Shattering! (VIDEO)

PAL Bulletin, June 28 contains two different links to the Arizona meeting of multiple legislators in regard to Maricopa County 2020 election fraud, with damning evidence by Jovan Pullitzer.

The first link by Real America Voice starts the actual presentation at 53 minutes in.

The second link by RSBN starts the actual presentation at 1 hr, 12 minutes in. 


Dustin Nemos has cropped to the actual presentation on UGETube to start at the beginning.

PAL Bulletin: I have never seen a presentation like this. If all of the information that Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has just shown is true then it is time for we the people to take action. People need to be arrested if evidence can be shown to sheriffs or also the military that these politicians are guilty. The Deep State also made an attempt for this presentation not to be aired. All the channels that were broadcasting all were knocked offline all at the same time. Share this video with absolutely everyone. The end of the presentation is the most stunning in my opinion. Thanks also to Right Side Broadcasting Network and RealAmericasVoice for airing this live and additionally sharing the video.


Davene's notes from presentation: 

  • Developed 25 new election auditing and forensic tool programs
  • Kinematic Artifact Detection: being able to follow ballot from manufacture, paper, printing, folding, sorting, mailing, post office handling, election office handling, scanning, tallying, reporting of vote, and final outcome report
  • Investigates down to precinct level
  • Use computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intellegence systems to complete full forensic audit of election
  • Processed almost 21,000,000 digital and forensic images
  • Created over 208,000,000 individual evidence proof files
  • Made over 58 Billion forensic measurements
  • Generated over 2 Trillion base computations


  • Still ongoing BUT conclusion--not certifiable in any manner
  • Gross maladminstration and Egregious neglect
  • Evidence showed that election rules, laws, standards, and compliance procedures were not followed in ANY part.
  • 100's of Thousands of 14th Amendment violations AND civil rights violations
  • 100's of Thousands illegal votes cast
  • The final outcome reported was FALSE, nonprovable, nontransparent and NOT certifiable!
  • Physical proof of pervasive, systemic voter/election fraud


  • Pretermined algorithm runs on the election machines
  • Roughly 407,000 ballots were "predetermined" and inserted into the election before the "official" outcome
  • The algorithm determined what ballots were needed 
  • These specific, 407,000 predetermined ballots were inserted during AND after the election in order to reflect the desired outcome
  • These ballots would be swapped with ballots which had been stolen, harvested, counterfeited, over-printed, returned undeliverable, mule, and print-on-demand
  • In order to hide all the possible evidence this creates, evidence must be destroyed
  • Forensic investigation and over 3,000,000 scientific tests show the following:
  • 38% of ALL mail-in-ballots were predetermined and assigned to Biden
  • 33% of election day ballots were predetermined and assigned to Trump
  • 59% of the vote, if predetermined votes are removed, were for Trump and 41% were for Biden
  • 91.7% of the predetermined votes were for Biden
  • This was done across all of Maricopa County voting precincts
  • 96% of the ballot boxes show signs of pilfering, being opened and resealed multiple time and over time (possibly to remove, insert ballots)
  • 45 pallets of about 1675 ballot boxes--52 of these boxes were security sealed and set aside to use if a hand audit was required. Each box has average of 7 batches of about 200 ballots.
  • The dates of the batches are NOT consistent with how the ballots were processed but had multple dates/months of ballots represented and NOT congruent with processing dates
  • 141 batches ranged from 1393 ballots to 46 ballots, and 10 ballots but average 200 ballots. All the varying size batches required 2 or more days to process. Even the 10 ballots. This is over 30,000 ballots total. Over 2 times margin which election was decided by. 89% of these were for Biden.
  • Election workers with 10 or more years of experience said they had never seen batches take 2 days to tally.
  • There were complete boxes and layers of boxes where 1 candidate won all the batches.. This is NOT consiten with margin of the election OR historical voting data.
  • 1394 batches electronically altered, possible 13.94% digitally altered
  • Conclusion the ballot boxes were altered to make paper match the digital outcome.


  • All voters should be treated equally
  • Over 2,000,000 ballots cast
  • 343,304 of those ballots were non-compliant and treated differently
  • Machines need to be callibrated in order to determine what the marks on the ballot mean by the position of the mark
  • Each printer will show a unique "fingerprint" due to its callibration.
  • Ballots which have been printed out of compliance do not have the same ballots that follow the election rules and those that do. They should not have had non-compliant printed ballots.
  • Those printers do not appear to have been serviced and calibrated as specified. There does not appear that there was anyone inspecting these machines.
  • 130,455 of those ballots were minorities.
  • Almost every precinct had this issue.


  • Maricopa reported it used only Roland vote secure paper--FALSE
  • They used not secure, compromised, non compliant, unsuitable, simple grade paper with their printers
  • There were over 200,000 of these non compliant ballots--10% of the votes
  • Backed up by witnesses and whistleblowers and their affidavits.

Forced Adjudication:

  • 120.867 ballots (6% of total votes) were forced to be adjudicated.
  • This is over 9X the deciding margin of election.
  • Appears to be intentional, via the demanded use of Sharpies, in the past--prohibited
  • Used with non compliant paper, bleed through occurs on opposite side, confusing voter intent
  • 120,867 ballots have ghost votes, making 2,099,395 extra votes or 17 extra on each ballot.
  • Forced ballot to have to be pulled by human. This is 11X the historical rate. 
  • Widespread throughout Maricopa.
  • Would not have happened if rules had been followed the same as in past years.
  • 45,929 minority votes were compromised in this manner.

Chromatic Analysis:

  • Color coding is used by Maricopa on ballots.
  • Color ballot counts did not match county reports of 1,696,778 color ballots.
  • Evidence of ballot manipulation and more than reported duplicated ballots.
  • Only one of 8 color categories matched the official records. The other colors were lacking perhaps due to over reporting by county of 94,737 ballots.
  • The black and white ballots account for over 10X the election margin.

Oval Analysis:

  • Compared machine ovals and human made ovals.
  • Possibly over 3,000,000 machine inserted ovals on ballots
  • Exist in down ballot races which are machine counted.
  • Can be used for races found to have undervotes
  • Software can have machines insert machine cast votes undetectable from sharpie votes
  • The most undervoted races in 2020 were sheriff, county recorder, attorney, and each of the 5 board of supervisors.
  • Chromatic verification tests were unable to confirm the counts provided by the county suggesting ballot manipulation and excessive duplicated ballots.
  • Possibly result of ballot box pilfering and backloading ballots.

Fold Report:

  • 3 tests for forensic fold detection
  • Machine folds--official return of mail-in ballots.
  • Hand folds--walk in early vote ballots
  • No folds--election day or duplicated ballots
  • There are 142,091 anomaly ballots which is 1,200% greater than outcome of the election.
  • Possible election fraud due to ballot swapping, ballot box pilfering, excell ballot production, and excess ballot duplication.

Stenography Report:

  • 10,943 ballots have been determined to be counterfeit.
  • Use stochastic pixel detection along with computer vision, machine learning, and ai systems to determine authenticity.
  • Official ballots pass 10 step analysis process which includes: presence of stochastic pixels, official ballot paper, print quality metrics,ink density, optical density, printer callibration measurements to identify supicious and abnormal ballots (counterfeit).
  • Counterfeit--to imitate something authentic, with the intent to steal, destroy, or replace the original, for use in illegal transactions, or otherwise to deceive individuals into believing the fake is of equal or greater value than the original.
  • The use was widespread across Maricopa.
  • 39% for Trump; 46% for Biden; 13% for write-in candidates.
  • These gave Biden a 7% advantage in the deciding outcome.
  • The stolen votes equal 104% of the deciding outcome.

Vote modification Analysis:

  • 235,367 ballot modifications were reported by human or machine after ballots were tallied.
  • 99% of all batches were modified.
  • No paper inspection occurred. 
  • 188 Million ovals were inspected.
  • If more than 4 per 100 ballots have errors, the machines are not considered to be functioning properly. In 2016 corrections were about 1 per 100 ballots. In 2018 they were 2 per 100. In 2020 they were 1 OUT OF every 8! 12X the normal ballot modifications.
  • Historically this would require human hand count. But instead computers modified the ballot. The use of artificial intelligence and disconnected work stations mask the hack. 2.5 PALLET loads of boxes were modified digitally after they were voted. They were never hand inspected.
  • This took 7-12 work days (average) of vote suspension. The digital photo was used for adjudication instead of the physical ballot.
  • For the first time the physical ballot was not used to determine voter intention. 
  • It is possible that the ballot was never physical until later.
  • Why were 99% of all ballot batches modified and suspended?

Ballot Mail analysis:

  • Ballot cracking--widespread, over 53,866 ballots. Ballots come back undelivered, individuals crack envelope open, pull and vote the ballot, replace in envelope either not signing or putting down a signature.
  • Signature verification was stopped during the 2022 election in Maricopa.
  • Should notify voter of returned ballot within a week.
  • Ballots were not retained but sent to be destroyed.
  • 52US Code 20701 states that election papers should be retained for 22 months after the election.
  • Most probably widespread ballot cracking operation.
  • U.S. Election Assistance Commission used post office records to report 110,092 ballots were undeliverable.
  • This number is 400% greater than the election margin.

Phantom Voter Report:

  • 246,691 phantom, fake, fradulent voters on voter rolls. This is widespread.
  • The over inflates the voter rolls just under 10%.
  • If 100% of phantom voters were used, they could swing turnout by 12%.
  • Average of 332 phantom voters per precinct.
  • Phantoms are scrubbed as fast as possible after use in an election.
  • 2,697 phantom voters--26% of declared margin of 2020 win were scrubbed. Could not be found anywhere.
  • Types: Duplicate someone--same first, last name but younger and place in another county. Use maided name of married female. College student left but still at parents home. Does not exist--totally fraud. Name makes no sense, usually never votes but helps with harvest. Their ballot gets assigned to real people who did not vote. Most commonly fictitious names are made from the most common last names. Multiple identities are created and they assign them to someone who is real but does not vote.

Provisional ballot analysis:

  • Comparing the 2020 provisional ballots with historic 2016 data.
  • 2016--29% of all provisionals were rejected.
  • 2020--66% of all provisionals were rejected--12,112. More than the margin of the election. 
  • The most common reason for a provisional ballot, "Your early ballot was sent, returned, and counted." Widespread but concentrated in key voting precincts.


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