Dan Schultz's

Title: The Precinct Committeeman Strategy -- BEST way to Defend Our Union

Topic: The Precinct Committeeman Strategy gets you into The Most Powerful Political Office in the World. Do your Civic Duty in the BEST way:  Become a volunteer for your voting precinct AND a voting member of your political party.

Dan Schultz explains why and how this is YOUR and OUR first, best, necessary step for Defending Our Union.
Precinct Committeemen ARE the Party.

Dear Participant,
Thank you for joining my, Dan Schultz’s, Precinct Strategy breakout session. Here are
some key takeaway points from my presentation:
1.The Most Powerful Political Office in the World is Precinct Committteeman, you
can volunteer to be one, and the Establishment members of your political party
are hoping and praying you will not become one.
2.Over half of these powerful volunteer Precinct Committeeman positions are
vacant and if America Firsters fill all of these vacant positions as soon as
possible we will be much more powerful politically because we will be united and
organized in the BEST type of organization for Saving America: a political party,
as our tool for electing better people.

I hope to have conveyed the following:
1.The BEST thing to do with our time: Become A Precinct Committeeman.
2.Precinct Committeemen ARE the party; no PCs, no party. So . . . Become
3.Learn all about why and how to BEST help Save America at

Questions to ponder:
Before this summit, the biggest challenge I had in persuading others was:
a. I did not try to persuade others.
b. People did not listen to me.
c. People listened to me but did not do anything.
d. I would get frustrated when speaking with others.
e. Other.

What was compelling about what I heard and can I use this in my personal
communication efforts?

Why did this speaker keep my attention? Was it content, context, or the way they
delivered their message?

Three things that were new to me or I learned in this session.

Three things that are relevant to my family, friends and coworkers.

Three Actions I can take after this summit.

You will be more effective if you plug into an existing group. Connect with the folks at
Defend Our Union for more training and support by texting the word DEFEND to 91776.
You don’t need to be an expert but must BE well informed on the topic you are covering
and have sources that you can direct towards for further learning.
Assume your audience is very intelligent but knows nothing about the topic. Explain
yourself and do not use jargon.
Don’t begin where you are, instead begin where they are. Proceed to build a bridge to
bring them to your position, this approach is much more persuasive.
Ask questions and listen. Process what you are hearing and withhold from sharing your
conclusion. Instead, think through the questions together and lead your audience
through a journey. If you walk together, they are most likely to arrive at your destination
with you.