Kari Watkins, MN, Sherburne County Commissioner, District 4



  • Election integrity and security

  • Constitutionally protected rights

  • Communication with the people

Vote for Kari in the August 9th Primary!

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Where is Sherburne Co. District 4?

What is Most Important?

Election integrity and Security: We need to remove the machines and use hand counted paper ballots with security features that prevent fraud and allow you to check your vote to make sure it was counted and counted correctly.

Constitutionally protected rights: Government decisions need to be made in alignment with the protection of our rights. And we need less Government involvement. We need commissioners who will research, ask hard questions and vote no when those rights are not being upheld. I will be that Commissioner.

Communication with the people: We also need more transparency in government. When I tell people I’m running for commissioner the first question they have for me is “What does a commissioner do?” We need more communication from the commissioners in their districts to engage the people. To listen to them, ask what they think should be done and work for solutions together. It is so important to have community involvement especially now that Sherburne County kicking off its Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) which will forecast out to 2040.

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Who Is Kari Watkins?

Kari Watkins was born and raised in Minnesota and has lived in central Minnesota for 31 years, 12 of those in Sherburne County. She currently resides in Haven Township.

Kari is a mom of 5 children, 3 biological and 2 adopted. She works alongside her husband of 31 years, Jon, in his small manufacturing business managing the office and finances. She enjoys gardening, cooking, a good book and spending time with family and friends.

Experience; B.A. Business Management, Office/Finance Manager, Sunday School Teacher, VBS Director, Children’s leader, Children’s Ministry Director, Small Group Leader, Marketing Coordinator, Church Board Member.


Why Am I Running?

“I have been a voter and tried to keep up with politics, but never got involved. After seeing all that has been going on in this country; lockdowns, mandates, riots, defunding the police, CRT, craziness in schools, open borders, increased crime and the anything but ‘safe and secure’ elections I had to get involved. I began writing, calling and emailing elected and government officials. I attached my affidavit to a lawsuit against Governor Walz to end his emergency powers. I began going to Commissioner meetings to bring them information about the vulnerabilities of the voting machines. I stayed at the meetings after speaking to see how the County Government worked and I learned a lot. I went door to door with a group to ask people if they wanted to check the Secretary of State’s database to see if the way they voted was accurate; whether they voted in person, by absentee or mail-in. We found that there were errors. People who didn’t vote were shown as having voted, people who had voted in person were shown to have voted by absentee ballot. I see young moms and wonder what will the future be for their children, or my children and I had to do something more. After much thought, discussion and prayer I decided to run for County Board so I could work to preserve our constitutionally protected liberties for future generations and get others involved to do the same. I’m not a politician, I’m an everyday person that is running to represent everyday people like you.”



Kari speaking to Sherburne County Board regarding the removal of Dominion voting machines.

Recently a CISA report was published warning of vulnerabilities of some of the Dominion Voting Machines. You can read the report here. Electronic voting experts such as Alex Halderman maintain that all voting machines are vulnerable as reported in this AP article.