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CRT Directive

CRT Directive

Provided by Florida Citizens Alliance

Download this document: 

Step 1: Local core team modifies this generic DOC to their specific county( replace the XXX in red with their county)

Sept 2: engage like minded SB members to request they present this to the entire School Board. There needs to be 1 person to interduce and one to 2nd the motion to introduction.

The Objective of course is to get it adopted, but the backup- is try to force a vote to get every school board member on the record.  IF they do not support this, they are not serious about preventing CRT in the Classroom. They in fact are supporting identity Marxism   and should be called out in the next election for being Marxists.

Step 3. IF there are one or two SB members that are willing to put it forward, turn out as many local community members to urge support.

IF there are no members willing to support , organize a rally  and a press conference for the next SB meeting and get large number of parents and community members to speak, demanding they  STOP CRT and all of its Tentacles

Step 4: At the SB meeting remind the SB and more importantly the parents watching that the entire classroom of any teacher who teaches CRT OR ITS TENTACALS is immediately eligible for the HOPE SCHOLARSHIP, simply by the parent filing a complaint and presenting the signed notification form.


2021-06-10 Generid SB CRT Directive v.clean (006).docx





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