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  • Building A Firewall

    The Feds don’t seem to care about The US Constitution and the press do as they’re told, no questions asked. State leaders need to hear from We the People. Nullification legislation is technically not necessary if the constitution is followed. Unfortunately, our leaders and courts seem to have forgotten the tenth amendment and the basic rights afforded to states under this amendment in the US Constitution. Many states are passing nullification legislation to combat this threats to state sovereignty. Push your state leaders to adopt similar legislation.
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    If Voter fraud for all bill doesn’t bother you how about HR 5  
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    It brings lawsuits to everyone who disagrees with transgender movement – doctors, children and parents. Women athletics would be destroyed as would sending your daughter to school if her physical privacy was important to you. Every state must fight this federal takeover until 2022 when we can take back the House and the Senate.

  • Election Integrity

    Patriots across this nation are working on election integrity within their states. Lawsuits, legislation, petitions and grassroots activism are the tools we are using to reclaim our elections. Defend Our Union has initiated a National Election Integrity Alliance made up of leaders on the forefront of election integrity in every state. If you want to get involved in election integrity in your state, click one of these options to get involved.

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