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Together WE Can

We are ordinary diverse citizens to Defend Our Union. Patterned after Defend Florida which is the fastest growing state election integrity movement in American.
Momentum Matters!
Lets GO!

Election Integrity

Canvassing is the foundation of our research, our work with elected officials, our forums & summits, and our press conferences. It is the pathway to the facts which cannot be dismissed by our elected officials

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Local Involvement

Local Action = National Impact: Volunteer to serve at your local REC. Although our membership may be a majority of Republicans, it is important not to be seen as an exclusively Republican organization. It is vital to speak to and encourage ALL Americans even those who have other or no party affiliations. Example: ... "If you are Republican join your REC." ... "If you are not connect with an organization near you.  Check out
Use your smart phones and Join Call One Day campaigns.

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Transparency & Fairness on Election Day

Become a poll watcher or poll worker: Learn how to work with election officials who ignore the local laws in rejecting your volunteer applications

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Protecting Your Right to Choose Your Own Medical Treatment

Medical Sovereignty and Health Freedom: Push back the unconstitutional censorship and bully tactics to force, uninformed consent, unwanted and unproven medical practices

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Protect Your Pre -K Children from sexual  disinformation

Stop R rated disinformation from being forced on your young children

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Other Local Involvement

Join local watch dog team, attend (in person or virtually) and report agenda items and actions taken at County Meetings: Commissioner's, School Board, etc.
Join local administration and operations efforts
Join local communications team to communicate within your county & broadcast to others in your home state and nationally across social media.
Use your smart phones (smartphones) and join Call One Day campaigns."
Join local administration and operations efforts
Support local Sheriff & Police

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